Resistance Alloy 120

Resistance Alloy 120 Data Sheet

Precision Resistance Alloy 120 Composition

Ni 70%, Fe 30%

Precision Resistance Alloy 120 Tradenames

Balco, Hytemco, HAl-380, Alloy 120, Pelcoloy, N7, NiKrothal 70, Chromel 70/30, Chronix 70, Stablohm 710, ASTM B267

Precision Resistance Alloy 120 Sizes / Temper Capabilities

Condition: Bright, Annealed, Soft 

Wire diameter 0.02mm-1.0mm packing in spool, big than 1.0mm packing in coil

Rod, Bar diameter 1mm-30mm 

Strip: Thickness 0.01mm-7mm, Width 1mm-280mm 

Precision Resistance Alloy 120 Applications

Suspended coils, tubular heating elements.

Precision Resistance Alloy 120 Description

Precision Resistance Alloy 120 has been used in thermometer bulbs and other applications that require high temperature coefficient of resistance. It has a temperature coefficient similar to nickel and twice the resistivity. The slope of the temperature resistance curve is almost straight from -70° to 600° C (-94° to 1,112° F). Balco conforms to the ASTM specification B-267, Class 8 Alloy.