Resistance Alloys We Have Available

Resistance Alloy 815

Nichrome Resistance Alloys

Resistance Alloy 180

HSM Wire supplies resistance alloys which are widely used for gas burner flame rods and in manufacture of electric heating equipment such as furnaces and process heaters, electrical, electronic and commercial heating appliances. Regardless of the application, HSM Wire has a broad range of resistance alloys in stock – in round wire, strip, ribbon and rod. Custom coatings are available.

What is Resistance Wire

Resistance wire is a special type of electrical wire used to generate heat. The wire resists the flow of electricity, and by doing so converts the electrical energy into heat. Applications for resistance wire include: resistors, heating elements, electric heaters, electric ovens, toasters, and are commonly used in various industries such as the medical industry and many more.

Our range of materials is continuously changing and expanding, so please use the quote form below to see if we have the material or some other compatible material in stock.

Help Us Help You

If you are not sure what resistance rating you are trying to achieve we will need to know the following pieces of information about your application:

  • 1) The length of the heater
  • 2)Two of the following three variables:
  • Amperage
  • Wattage
  • Voltage
If you provide our sales team with the information above we will be able recommend a product that will best match your application